Coline Serreau

Born in Paris in 1947, Coline Serreau studied music and literature. She studied at the Rue Blanche School as an actress pupil and has practiced trapeze at the Annie Fratellini school since 1975.

In 1973, she wrote and directed films, while pursuing an acting career and writing plays. She writes the screenplay and interprets the main role of “We made the wrong love story” by Jean Louis Bertucelli. Then launched into writing and directing his first feature film in 1975, “But what do they want”. “Pourquoi pas”, produced in 1977, is a comedy interpreted by Samy Frey, Christine Murillo and Mario Gonzales. Coline Serreau explores in 1981 the world of advertising in “What is are we waiting to be happy? In 84, “Three Men and a Moses Basket” was at the head of the box office for several weeks. The film won the César for Best Film and Michel Boujenah that of Best Second Role. In 1989, Coline Serreau directed Daniel Auteuil in “Romuald and Juliette”, a comedy which is a great success.