In the 18th century, at the court of King Louis XV, there was a guy who amazed the gallery by claiming to be several centuries old. He called himself the Count of St Germain. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the character that concerns us today is just as amazing, but admits that only thirty years round and is neither swindler nor aristocrat. Rather maestro and bricolo. Because Ludovic Navarre, alias St Germain, pioneer of the French Touch, this new electronic music made in France, has become in a few years an undisputed and respected international reference. Without him, Daft Punk,

His album Boulevard, released in July 95, has sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide and is now a classic. Voted Record of the Year in England, he was even nominated at the Dance Music Awards in London, in competition with artists like Goldie, D’Angelo and… Michael Jackson. Not bad for a “weird little Frenchie”, as we say across the Channel. Since then, our hero Ludo has distinguished himself by remixing the Cape Verdean Boy Ge Mendes or the synthetic and historic Pierre Henry.

But honors, awards and other academic awards, Ludovic Navarre cares about it like his first platinum. This discreet and taciturn commuter is never as happy as when he tweaks his samples and his loops in the tranquility of his home – sweet home – family studio. This is where, from 1991, he developed a fusion music, mixing techno and jazz, blues and ambient, house and dub. But nothing to do with any nonsense or mercantile odds and ends. Rather a marriage, carefully thought out, a happy union between machines and instruments, roots and modernity.