Horror Movies


Horror as a genre has seen massive growth in popularity in the 21st century. With many iconic directors such as John Carpenter, Alfred Hitchcock and Sam Raimi, the genre has evolved from a lesser known niche, to a widespread phenomenon. Here are a couple of horror movies that are up there with the best.

The movies aren’t in anyway ranked or ordered.

The Shining

Directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick, the film follows a writer who takes the job as a caretaker for the winter. The film delves into the mind of a person who is kept company by only his family as the hotel is closed down for the winter.

The shine

The film is based on a book written by Stephen King. The movie was panned by the writer for being not faithful to the original material.

Although seen as a critically mediocre movie, as with most Kubrick films, The Shining has been an inspiration and a model for many horror moviemakers.

The Shining went on to be nominated for Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Horror Film and Best music at the Saturn Awards that year, Scatman Crothers winning the Best Supporting Actor Category.

The Blair Witch Project

At the time of release, The Blair Witch Project was believed to be a true story. The marketing campaign included a mockumentary, a missing poster and extensive use of the internet. The movie was one of the first to successfully use the internet to market movies.

Seen more as a marketing marvel, the movie paved the way for the found footage genre in horror.

The Blair Witch Project

The story revolves around three film students who are seen working on a documentary about the myth surrounding a fictional village called Blair in Maryland. Upon investigating the forest, the three realise all is not what it seems like.

Sadly, the movie received numerous Golden Raspberry nominations, Heather Donahue winning the category for the worst actress that year. Do keep in mind that the film only had a budget of $60,000.

Get Out

The visionary writer and director of Get Out, Jordan Peele, had interestingly, worked as a comedian before he began work as a writer/producer/director. As a comedian, he is credited with working for the hit TV series, MADtv.

To summarise the plot, an interracial couple decides to visit the girlfriend’s parents. After reaching the place, the parents start acting odd, asking racially stereotypical questions.

Get Out

Get Out dives into complex themes that question the integrity of an America where no racial discrimination is said to exist.

Jordan Peele won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay that year.